Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is the property located ?

Located in Silverlake Los Angeles, CA.

How far from downtown is the property?

10 min (4.4 mi) via US-101 N


Is this place family friendly?

Yes the property is family friendly. Amenities include;

Standalone high chair - always at the listing
Children’s dinnerwareBoard games
Outdoor playground
An outdoor area equipped with play structures for children
Toddler gate available upon request

Do you have an emergency number to contact you?

Please contact me at - 213-437-9224


Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed with an additional fee.

Additional Rules

No Smoking allowed. You can enjoy music but please keep it at a reasonable level especially on the rooftop, We have neighbors.

No parties or confetti allowed on property without prior approval.

Please do not use anything thing with fire, including charcoal except for the fixtures on the property.

If you move furniture please restore to original location before check out.

Parking on the property is limited to 2 cars, extra cars can park at the bottom of the hill which can be accessed via stairs.

What other recommendations do you have?

Please see additional recommendations on things t do on your stay - HERE